Dry Fig (Anjeer) & Banana Smoothie

This is a nutritious and filling drink,this combines the goodness of banana with the crunch of figs…Shonty loves to have it ,when he returns from school… Ingredients: 1/4 Banana(sliced) 2 dried Figs(soaked in water for half an hour and chopped) 1 Cup Milk. 1 tsp Sugar. 2 tbsp Curds. 1/4 cup Crushed Ice. Method: BlendContinue reading “Dry Fig (Anjeer) & Banana Smoothie”

Papaya & Litchi Smoothie

Ingredients: 1 Cup chopped Papaya. 1/2 Cup chopped litchi(deskinned and deseeded) 2 tsp lime juice. Few sprigs of mint. Crushed ice. 1 Glass Sprite(Optional). Method: In a mixie jar blend together papaya,litchi,mint leaves and crushed ice. Add lime juice to above pulp and mix. Pour in two individual glasses and decorate with mint leaves. ServeContinue reading “Papaya & Litchi Smoothie”