Kela (Ripe Banana) Malpua

  Ingredients: 1 cup Maida/Wheat Flour. 1/2 cup grated Jaggery. 1 ripe Banana. 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder. 1 pinch Salt. 1/2 cup Ghee. Method: In a bowl mix together grated jaggery,mashed banana,maida or wheat flour and water. Mix well using hand blender.Add salt and Cardamom powder. Consistency of batter should be like dosa batter. HeatContinue reading “Kela (Ripe Banana) Malpua”

Til (Sesame seeds )Ladoo

  Ingredients: 1/4 kg Polished til. 1/4 kg Chikki Gul(Jaggery) 25 gms Dale. 25 gms roasted,deskined and crushed Shengdane(Groundnuts) 1 tsp Velchi dane(peeled Cardamom). 3 tbsp Ghee. Method: Dry roast til till they turn light brown in colour,add dale,shengdane and Velchi.Keep aside. In a thick bottomed pan heat 1 tbsp ghee.Add chopped gul and cookContinue reading “Til (Sesame seeds )Ladoo”

Gajar Halwa

During winters,in every Indian household gajar ka halwa is made often. Grating carrots manually is a big task,if food processor is used  makes grating the carrots easier. Ingredients: 1 Kg Gajar(Carrot) grated. 1 litre Milk. 1 tin Condensed milk(Milk maid/mithai mate) 2 tbsp Ghee. 1/4 cup chopped dryfruits.(Cashewnuts,Almonds,Charoli) 1/2 tsp Elaichi (Cardamom)powder. Pinch of Salt.Continue reading “Gajar Halwa”

Shirwale (Double Boiled Rice Noodles In Sweet coconut Milk )

Shirwale is again a very authentic dish from Konkan region.It is basically rice noodles soaked in jaggery Flavored coconut milk.The noodles can be  made at home or else they are easily available in market.If you buy a readymade packet of rice noodles,just boil them in hot water for 5 minutes,strain and add to prepared coconutContinue reading “Shirwale (Double Boiled Rice Noodles In Sweet coconut Milk )”

Rasat Le Ghavane.(Rice Crepes In Sweet Coconut Milk .)

Ghavne is a delicacy from konkan region.Ghavan also known as neer dosa is a quick instant rice creps.The process to make ghavan is very simple. Traditionally if served for lunch or dinner, ghavan is served with chicken curry,fish curry or kale vatane sambar.For breakfast or as snacks it is served plain with chutney,stuffed with GulContinue reading “Rasat Le Ghavane.(Rice Crepes In Sweet Coconut Milk .)”

Dhondus (Cucumber Cake)

Dhondus is a famous dish from Konkan,especially made during month of Shravan(june-july-august) as Tavase (dark skinned cucumber) and fresh turmeric leaves are easily available in market at this time.My mom makes best of Dhondus…… Ingredients: 2 cup de skinned and grated Cucumber with its juice. 1 cup grated Jaggery 1 cup Rava (roasted in ghee)Continue reading “Dhondus (Cucumber Cake)”

Raghavdas Ladoo (Rava & Coconut Ladoo)

Festival celebrations come alive when these delicious ladoos are made at home.It is a traditional Maharadtrian sweet suitable for all occasions and festivals. Mostly made as naivedya for Lord  Ganpati during Ganesh Chaturthi. These Ladoos are highly perishable as fresh coconut is used,so usually made in small batches… Ingredients: 2 cups Rava (Roasted in 2Continue reading “Raghavdas Ladoo (Rava & Coconut Ladoo)”