Sabudana Chiwda (Tapioca pearls Crispies)

As a kid and even now this is one of my favourite snacks,crispy and tasty.Its a simple snack made from nylon can be made in bulk and stored in airtight container for long. Nylon sabudana is easily available in stores. Ingredients: 1cup Nylon Sabudana large pearls. 1/4 cups Peanuts. 15 Curry leaves. 4 GreenContinue reading “Sabudana Chiwda (Tapioca pearls Crispies)”

Dadpe Pohe

Dadpe pohe is a typical Maharashtra breakfast dish,made with thin poha and freshly grated coconut.There is no cooking involved in this recipe.all the ingredients are mixed together,tempered and covered and kept aside for 5 minutes,moisture from coconut helps to soften poha and get everything together…this process of covering is called “Dadapne” thus the name “DadpeContinue reading “Dadpe Pohe”

Bhadang (Spicy Mixture of Puffed Rice)

Bhadang is a spicy Chivda (mixture ) made of puffed rice.This is a speciality of kolhapur.Some people use kolhapur kanda launch chutney instead of chilli powder to spice up this dish.I usually make it in a big batch and store it in an air tight container. I also use this as base to make bhelContinue reading “Bhadang (Spicy Mixture of Puffed Rice)”