Masala Bhutta(Street Style Corn On Cob)

Roasted Corn rubbed with spices and a dash of lemon is an irresistible treat! Bhutta is one of my favorite snacks.In India, we enjoy this grilled corn during the rainy season,it is a very popular street food where the vendor comes with his cart that’s loaded with corn. He grills the corn on a smallContinue reading “Masala Bhutta(Street Style Corn On Cob)”

Sabudana Chiwda (Tapioca pearls Crispies)

As a kid and even now this is one of my favourite snacks,crispy and tasty.Its a simple snack made from nylon can be made in bulk and stored in airtight container for long. Nylon sabudana is easily available in stores. Ingredients: 1cup Nylon Sabudana large pearls. 1/4 cups Peanuts. 15 Curry leaves. 4 GreenContinue reading “Sabudana Chiwda (Tapioca pearls Crispies)”