Satyanarayan Prasad.

At my home every year in the auspicious month of Shravan we have Satyanarayan puja.

It’s a very popular ritual in many of the states of India and done yearly in many homes.This pooja is incomplete without offering special tirth and prasad to the lord.

This sheera which is made as prasad has a distinctive flavour,It is believed that any day other than Pooja,if you make this prasad with same measurement and technique still it won’t taste the same.

Traditionally it is made with equal measure of all the ingredients,and mostly 1.25 either cup,glass or kg.

Will be posting tirth recipe also soon.So next time you plan Satyanarayana Pooja you can definitely try these 2 recipes..
So here goes the recipe…


1.25 kg Rava.

1.25 kg  Sugar.

1.25 Litre Milk.(Boiled)

1.25 kg Ghee.

8 Bananas(over riped) chopped finely.

15 Cloves(lavang).

2 Pinch salt.

1/2 cup chopped Dry Fruits (cashew nuts, Charoli,almonds and pistachios)

2 tbspn Cardamom (elaichi) Powder.

Few dried Rose Petals and sliced dry fruits for garnishing (Optional)


Heat 1/2 Ghee in a kadhai.Add rava and roast till it changes colour(turns into light brown) stiring continuously.Keep aside.

Bring milk to boil,keep aside.

In a Kadhai heat 1/4 kg ghee add cloves and chopped banana.stir well.
Cook stiring continuously till bananas are cooked and turn golden in colour.
Add chopped dry fruits,mix well.
Add roasted rava and salt.Stir well.
Boil 1/2 litre of milk,pour on hot rava,mix well once the water is absorbed add hot milk,mix well.

After the milk is completely absorbed in rava add sugar,mix very well.
Cover and cook till sugar melts completely.Now add remaining ghee,mix well and let it cook for another 2 minutes.

Switch off the gas and add cardamom powder.

Stir well garnish With sliced nuts and dried rose Petals.

Present to Lord and relish this yummy prasad with family and friends.

Tip:Make sure to use heavy bottom pan for making prasad or else it may stick to the base.

Happy Cooking!!!


Dal Makhani,Maa ki Daal or Kaali Dal.

Dal makhani has always been a favourite in my kitchen,it comes straight from the rich and flavourful Punjabi cuisine. Mostly this dal is served with plain rice or jeera rice, however,we at our home love it with tandoori roti or butter naans.

Traditionally in punjab,Dal Makhani is simmered overnight or for many hours in tandoor.
Overnight simmering of the dal gives it a smoky flavour coming  from the charcoal or wood.
And it is made only with black urad dal and rajma,but I have always been adding masoor to it,it’s optional and can be skipped.


1/2 cup whole Urad Dal.

1/2  cup whole Masoor.

¼ cup Rajma.

½ cup Onion finely chopped.

1/2 cup Tomatoes finely chopped.

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste.

1 Bay Leaf.

1/2 tspn Cumin Seeds.

1 tsp Red Chilli Powder.

1 tsp Dhana Jeera Powder.

1 tsp Pav Bhaji Masala or Rajma Masala.

1/2 tsp Haldi Powder.

1/4 tsp Kasuri  Methi crushed.

1/4 cup Fresh Cream.

1 tbsp Oil

1 tbsp Butter.

Salt to taste.


Soak whole urad dal,masoor and rajma overnight in enough water. drain them well.

Now add them in a pressure cooker. Add sufficient water to cover all the lentils and pressure cook for 8 to 10 whistles on a medium flame, till everything is cooked thoroughly and softened.

In a pan,heat oil and butter,add tej patta and cumin seeds,let them splutter.Now add chopped onion and ginger garlic paste,stir and saute on a low flame till they become light golden.

Now add chopped tomatoes and little salt,mix well.
Now add red chili powder,haldi Powder, dhana jeera powder and pav bhaji or rajma masala.
Mix very well and sauté this mixture on a low to medium heat, till fat starts releasing from the sides. This takes about 3 to 4 minutes on a medium-low to medium heat.

Now add the cooked urad dal,masoor and rajma.add water to adjust consistency,taste and add salt as required,mix very well and simmer the dal uncovered on a low heat. Keep on stirring often, so that the lentils don’t get stuck to the bottom of the pan.Simmer on very low heat for almost 15 to 20 mins.Now add crushed kasuri methi and cream,mix well.

Remove in a serving bowl,top up with butter and serve hot Add Naan,roti or jeera rice.

Happy Cooking!!!


Sameera’s Kitchen turns year old today !!!


Today Sameera’s Kitchen is 1 year and 158 recipes old,thanks to all the lovely people who loved my kitchen….on this special day I have to mention 2 special people related to my kitchen,firstly my mom Meena Aai who is for me wikipedia of cooking and secondly my friend Afshan who inspired me to start the blog and is also the taster of all my dishes…. Also a special mention of my aunt (mom’s sister) Mrs Meeta Nayak who has a treasure of recipes and who is always willing to share that with me… Also the best cook in our family My MIL Mrs Nanda More…. Thanks all for being a part of my kitchen and making my kitchen so special…..Long live my Kitchen….How can I forget my darling son Shounak. Thanks all for being a part of my kitchen and making my kitchen so special…..Long live my Kitchen.

Happy Cooking!!!

Sameera More