Cauliflower and Batata Bhaji

There are various recipes of making cauliflower bhaji,north indian style,simple Maharashtrian style etc… This one is made using malvani masala,is bit spicy ans very flavour full.Malvani masala is easily available in market.Each malvani family has its own specific recipe for the same. Here i have added potato,even green peas can be added to this recipe.GoesContinue reading “Cauliflower and Batata Bhaji”

Neer Phanas Kachrya (Bread fruit Vegetable)

In continuation to my posts from my mom’s house in Goa,today’s specialty was Neer Phanas Kachrya. Neer Phanas is also known as bread fruit.Usually we make kaaps as side dish from it. My mom has a huge tree of Neer Phanas in her back yard and we get a good yeild of Neer Phanas everyContinue reading “Neer Phanas Kachrya (Bread fruit Vegetable)”

Vali chi Bhaji (Long Beans Vegetable)

Presently I am in Goa,at my mom’s house,she has a well cultivated terrace garden which has variety of fruits and vegetables.Vali or long beans is one of  the vegetable grown abundantly in her garden. Usually these beans are not cut but broken into 1 inch peices with hand and the tender seeds are also usedContinue reading “Vali chi Bhaji (Long Beans Vegetable)”

Aathlyanchi Bhaji (Jack fruit Seeds Vegetable)

Jack fruit is a delicacy in Malvan/konkan region.Jack fruit Seeds are stored tand used throughout the year.They are high in complex carbohydrates, fiber,vitamin A and C. They can be enjoyed  just by boiling or roasting on charcoal.Traditionally they are added to Dals or pulses like kala Vatana.(Black Vatana). Yesterday I received a surprise  courier fromContinue reading “Aathlyanchi Bhaji (Jack fruit Seeds Vegetable)”