Green Peas Oothapa

Ingredients: 1 cup Green peas. 1/2 cup Rice Flour. 1/2 cup Besan. 2 tsp Ginger-Garlic-Green chilli paste. 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder. Salt to taste. 2 pinch Fruit salt(Eno) Oil for smearing. Method: Crush grren peas in mixie to make paste. Remove in a big bowl,add besan,rice flour,turmeric,salt and chilli ¬†ginger garlic paste. Mix well usingContinue reading “Green Peas Oothapa”

Gul-Chun Ghalun Ghavane(Rice pancake with coconut and jaggery filling)

  It is said that Ganpati Bappa likes sweets made from Rice floor,jaggery and coconut,hence modaks are his favourite,but when you dont have much time to spare,this dish is made as offering to Bappa,made from same ingredients as modaks but less time consuming….tasty and yummy… Ingredients:¬† 2 cups Raw rice.(any variant) 1/2 cup Rice flour.(Optional)Continue reading “Gul-Chun Ghalun Ghavane(Rice pancake with coconut and jaggery filling)”