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Mango Icecream.


I had come across  this recipe in Chef at Large,wanted to try this for a long time….finally nailed it.Here yummy mouthwatering  mango icecream is served  in chocolate edible cup…eat ur icecream  and cup too…….Here I am posting only icecream recipe,recipe for chocolate cup will be posted soon…

Ingredients : 

2 cup Condensed Milk (1 tin Milkmaid/Mithai mate)

2 cup Milk.

2 cup Mango Pulp.

400 gm Whipped Cream.(Ref glossary no 14)

Method :

Mix together mago pulp,milk and condensed mik in a pan and beat well.


Transfer to a plastic box and keep in deep fridge.

Let it set for 3 hours,remove and beat well with hand blender.

Add whipped cream and mix with light hand


Transfer  back to plastic box and keep in deep fridge for 6 to 8 hours or till completely set.

Scoop out and serve immediately  in chocolate  cups (https://sameeraskitchen.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/chocolate-cups/)  or glass bowls.

Tip:You can also add chopped pieces of mangoes to this ice cream.

Happy Cooking! ! !

Sameera .

Mango Mousse


For making desserts,I normally use non dairy whipping cream.

images (1)

This is easily available in hyper stores,can be stored in deep fridger for 6 months,scrape out as required and use.


2 cups Fresh cream.

1 cup fresh/frozen Mango pulp.

1 cup chopped Mango.

1 tsp Gelatin,dissolved in 1 tbsp cold water.

Grated Chocolate for garnishing.

2 tbsp powdered Sugar (Optional)


Refrigerate a bowl for 20 minutes.

Strain mango pulp through seive.


To get a smooth texture.


Check for sweetness,add little powdered sugar if required.

Once cold add cream to the bowl.


Using hand mixer,beat it till stiff peaks are formed.


In 1 tbsp water dissolve 1 tsp of gelatin,stir well till completely dissolved.

Add to the beaten cream,mix in mango pulp.


Mix well.


Now take two stemed glasses.


Add chopped mango pieces to it.


Now top up with cream,mango pulp and gelatin nixture.


Keep in refrigerator for 5 hours.

Decorate with grated chocolate and serve chilled.

Can be set in big bowl also.


Can be set in small short glasses also.


Happy Cooking

Sameera !!!

Mango & Choclate Chip Muffins

Shonty loved this fabulous combination of two favourite treats-Mangoes and Choclate!I am sure all kids will love this…..


1 cup Maida.

1 tsp Baking poeder.

8 tbsp Condensed milk.

4 tbsp Powdered Sugar.

4 tbsp Mango pulp.

4 tbsp Melted butter.

5 drops of  Vanilla/mango essence.

5 tsp Choclate chips.

1 tsp Melted butter for greasing.

Method:Sieve the flour & baking powder in a bowl.Keep aside.

In another bowl ,combine the condensed milk,mango pulp,butter,powdered sugar and essence.Mix well and keep aside.

Line the muffin moulds with paper cups,grease them with melted butter.

Add the flour mixture and mix gently,using wooden spoon.

Add enough water to get a batter of dropping consistency.

Pour 1 tbsp of the mixture in each of the greased cup.

Evenly sprinkle choclate chips over each muffin .

Bake in a pre heated oven at 200 degree C for 20 minutes.

Cool slightly and serve.

Tip-Insert a toothpick to check if muffins are baked properly,if toothpick comes out clean muffins are done.

Happy Cooking !!!




Aamrasatla Sheera


This is my Mavshi’s (Mom’s sister) recipe.I am posting this today on Mother’s day,as a tribute to her…She is a fantabulous cook and makes awesome food,Other than my Mom’s food it’s her food that  my family and I relish on.This is  just to tell her that I love her and she means a lot to me…I must say that I am blessed to have not one but two lovely Mom’s….


1 Cup rava(roasted in 3 tbsp ghee)

1 Cup Sugar.

1 Cup milk.(Boiled)

1 Cup fresh/frozen mango pulp(Aamras)

2 tbsp ghee.

A Pinch of salt.

Some broken cashew nuts and Charoli.

2 tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder.


Heat Ghee in a kadhai.Add rava and roast till it changes colour(  turns into light brown) ,stiring continuously.

Rava can be roasted in advance and stored in refrigerator.

Add cashewnuts, charoli & salt.

Stir well.

Pour boiling hot milk on rava.

Stir.After the milk is completely absorbed in rava add sugar.

Stir well.Cover and cook till sugar melts completely.

Add mango pulp(Amras) and stir well. Cover and cook till mango pulp has completely dried up.Add ghee.Mix well.

Switch off the gas and add cardamom powder.

Mix well.Serve hot.

Happy Cooking !!!