Shenga kairi chi Amti (Drumstick and Raw Mango in coconut Gravy)

This is a typical malwani fish gravy recipe, here fish is substituted with drumsticks. This is made especially in month of Shravan, when non veg is not cooked in most of the houses,people satisfy their urge of eating fish by making this dish. I have got a gift from my mom, fresh drumsticks from herContinue reading “Shenga kairi chi Amti (Drumstick and Raw Mango in coconut Gravy)”

Ratyalache(Sweet Potato) Kaap

Ingredients: 2 Ratalu(Sweet Potato) 1/4 cup rice flour. Oil for frying. Salt to taste. For the masala 1 medium sized onion. 2 tbsp Dhana(corriander seeds) 5 tbsp Red chilli powder. 1 tbsp haldi powder. 1 tsp black pepper powder. Method: Take a ratalu which is even in size(not zig zag) Deskin and cut into slices,keepContinue reading “Ratyalache(Sweet Potato) Kaap”