Vegetable Moilee


This is a famous south Indian dish,tastes yum with rice or appam.

I saw the recipe on Master Chef-Kitchen ke super stars and tried it out.

This is one of easy and yummy dish.


1-½ cup mixed vegetables cubed  (carrot,potatoes,brinjal,pumkin,drumstics,french beans).

2 cups thick Coconut milk.

10 Cashewnuts.

1 Onion finely chopped.

2 tsp Ginger chopped.

3 Green chillies.

juice of 1/2 Lemon.

1 tbsp Oil.

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

10 Curry leaves.

1/4 tsp Asafoetida.

1/4 tsp Haldi.

Salt to taste.


wash and dry all the mixed vegetables.



Keep aside.

Heat 1/2 tbsp oil in a pan.

Add cashew nuts,ginger and chopped onions.


Stir fry till onion start turning brown.

Add turmeric and green chillies.



Add coconut milk & salt.Mix well.



Cook till a light boil comes to the milk,add lemon juice,mix well.

Remove from gas and keep aside to cool.

Once cool pass it through a mixie and strain.

In another pan heat 1/2 tbsp Oil.

Add mustard seeds,asafoetida and curry leaves.

Add vegetables,salt and little water.

Cover and cook till vegetables are cooked.


Now add the strained coconut gravy,mix well.

Check for salt.

Serve hot with appams or steam rice.

Tip:For enhanced south indian flavour use coconut oil.

Happy Cooking !!!




Roasted Carrots Soup.


I am a big fan of soups,I can make soup out of anything and survive on it.Today made seasons first Gajar Halwa,so remaining parts of carrots were used to make this amazing soup.

Same recipe can be made without roasting the carrots..taste equally good.


1 cup cleaned,peeled & roughly chopped Carrots.

1 Potato cleaned,peeled & roughly chopped potatoes.

1 Onion peeled and roughly chopped.

6 cloves Garlic chopped.

1 tbsp Olive oil/ghee/Butter.

1/2 tspn Pepper Powder(Black/ White).

1/2 tspn Red Chilli Powder.

Salt to taste.


Spread carrots,onion,potatoes and garlic on a baking tray,brush with butter or olive oil,bake on 180° for 10 minutes.Remove and let it cool.

Once cool,pass through mixie to form a puree.

Remove in a thick bottom pan and place on gas,add salt,pepper and chilli powder,adjust the consistency as per your taste.

Mix well,let it boil for 2 minutes.

Remove in a soup bowl, sprinkle some pepper powder and grated cheese,garnish with basil.

Serve hot.

Happy Cooking !!!


Idli chat


20180305_144245This is an easy to make tasty and healthy snack made from leftover idlis.

Sweet curd can also be added to this recipe if desired.


8 Rice idlis(chopped into cubes).

1 tbsp Oil.

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds.

1/2 tsp Jeera.

Pinch of Asafoetida.

6 Curry leaves.

2 Green chillies chopped.

1/8 tsp Chilli powder.

1/8 tsp Pepper powder.

Salt to taste.

2 tbsp Barik sev.

2 tbsp Salted boondi.

1 tbsp chopped Corriander leaves.

1 tbsp Pudina Chutney.

1 tbsp sweet Tamarind Chutney.


In a pan heat oil,add mustard seeds,jeera,asafoetida ,green chillies and curry leaves,stir well.

Add chopped Idli,sprinkle chilli powder,salt and pepper powder.Mix well.

Stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes stirring in between till the idlis become crisp.

Switch of the gas,and add sev,boondi and chopped corriander leaves.

Remove in a serving bowl,add both the chutneys.sprinkle some more sev.

Mix well and serve hot.

Happy Cooking !!!


Vatli Dal (Grounded Chana Dal)

vatli dal

Vatali Dal is an authentic Maharashtrian recipe,It is made mostly for Haldi Kuku in month of Chitra(first month as per hindu calender) and served with panhha(sweet raw mango drink).


2 cups Chana dal.(Wash and soaked in 4 cups water for 5 hours).

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

1 tsp Jeera.

1/4 tsp Asafoetida.

6 Curry leaves.

4 Green chillies chopped.

1/4 tsp Haldi powder.

Juice of 1/2 lemon.

2 tbsp Oil.

Salt to taste.

Chopped corriander leaves and grated cocnut for garnishing.


Drain.washed  and soaked chana dal.



Grind to a smooth mixture in mixie without using water.



Keep aside.

In a thick bottomed pan,heat oil.

Add mustard seeds,jeera,asafoetida, curry leaves and stir well.

Add chopped chillies & turmeriv powder.

Add grounded dal and salt,mix well.

Sprinkle little water,cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes or till the dal starts leaving side of the pan.

Keep stiring in between and sprinkle some water if required.Once cooked switch of the gas and add lime juice.Mix well.

Remove in a bowl and garnish with grated coconut and chopped corriander leaves.

Serve hot.

TIP:Grated raw mango can be added to this dish instead of lime juice.

Happy Cooking !!!



Puran Poli



Puran poli is a classical Marathi dish, which is a dessert served during auspicious occasions and during important festivals such as Holi, Padwa in Maharashtra. Although it resembles a roti, a poli is actually very different.The stuffing is known as puran and the outer cover is known as poli. The perfect preparation of puran poli is considered a highly-skilled task… an art actually! unlike Maharashtrian puran poli which uses chana dal, the gujarati version makes use of toovar dal. Its unique flavour and characteristic aroma can be attributed to the special indian spices used.


For Puran:

1 cup Chana Dal(Bengal gram dal).

1 cup grated Jaggery.

pinch of Black Pepper powder.

1/2 tsp Cardamom powder.

1/2 tsp Jaiphal(Nutmeg) powder.

Salt to taste.

For Poli:

1 cup Maida

1/2 cup Wheat flour.

1/2 cup Rawa.

1/2 cup Water.

1/2 cup Oil.

Pinch of  Haldi

Salt to taste.

Ghee for smearing.

Rice flour for rolling.


Soak chana dal in 3 cups water for 2 to 3 hours.                                           .

Cook  on medium heat for 10 minutes or till the dal becomes tender.


Drain any excess water and mash the dal lightly using the back of the spoon.


Add grated jaggery.


and cook well till jaggery is completely dissolved .



Further cook till mixture thickens stirring continuously.








Add the cardamom powder, nutmeg powder,  and black pepper powder mix well.

Consider mixture done,if the spoon stands straight in the mixture without falling.


Let it cool completely.In a food processer mince it well,till it becomes soft and smooth.



Keep aside.

In a bowl soak rawa in equal amount of water for an hour.

Add wheat flour,maida,salt,turmeric powder and oil.

Knead to form a soft dough.


Keep covered under wet cloth foe 1/2 an hour.


Divide dough and stuffing into equal portions.

Take one portion of dough.



Flatten with hand.



Place stuffing in the centre.



Fold the edges of the dough over the filling. Pinch the edges together to seal the filling in.



Flatten the dough


Roll  into a 100 mm. (4″) diameter circle, using a little rice flour for rolling.



Cook on a non stick tava (griddle) over a medium flame till it turns golden brown in colour on both the sides.







Press with muslin cloth while roasting.

Smear a little ghee on puran poli.

Repeat with the remaining dough and filling to make  puran polis.

Serve hot.

Tip:Water drained from cooked dal can be used to make Kattachi Aamti.

Happy Cooking !!!





Pudina (Mint) Chutney


IMG_20200527_132122This chutney has the aromatic freshness of mint combined with the earthiness of the coriander leaves. This chutney can be Served  along with any  indian appetizers like tikkas and kebabs or can be used to prepare our favourite sandwiches or chats


1 cup chopped Pudina (mint leaves)

2 cups chopped dhania (coriander leaves)

3 Green chillies.

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste.

8 to 10 Curry leaves.

3 tbsp Dalia( roasted chana dal)

1 tsp Jeera powder.

2 tsp Lemon juice.

1 tsp Salt.

1/2 tsp Chat masala.


In a mixie jar blend together all the items except lemon juice and salt to form a smooth paste.

Remove in a bowl,add lemon juice and salt,mix well and store in a refrigerator,use as required.

Happy Cooking !!!


Khajur Imli Chutney


This sweet and sour chutney is an essential accompaniment to most chaats, this chutney can be stored refrigerated for upto a month and deep frozen for more than 6 months.


2 cups Khajur(dates) seedless.


1/4 cup Imli (tamarind)  deseeded.


1 cup grated Gur (Jaggery).


2 tsp chilli powder.


1 tsp Jeera powder.


2 tbsp Kali Manuka (Black Currants).


Salt to tast




Wash  khajur,kali manuka and imli and keep them soaked in 1 1/2 cup water for 5 hours.


In a blender jar,mix together soaked khajur,kali manuka,imli,gur,chilli powder,jeera powder and salt.Add litle water and blend to a fine puree.


Remove and store in a refrigerator,use as required.

Happy Cooking !!!


Ratyalache(Sweet Potato) Kaap



2 Ratalu(Sweet Potato)

1/4 cup rice flour.

Oil for frying.

Salt to taste.

For the masala

1 medium sized onion.

2 tbsp Dhana(corriander seeds)

5 tbsp Red chilli powder.

1 tbsp haldi powder.

1 tsp black pepper powder.


Take a ratalu which is even in size(not zig zag)


Deskin and cut into slices,keep the slices soaked in salt water for 10 minutes.Drain and keep aside.


Place all the masala ingredients in a mixie jar and grind to a smooth paste using very little water.

Apply this masala and salt on the ratalu slices.Leave it to marinate for 15 to 20 minutes.


Heat Oil in a frying pan.

Coat the marinated ratalu slices with  rice flour .

Shallow fry in the oil from both sides till crisp.


Drain on an absorbent paper to drain out excess oil.


Serve hot.

Happy Cooking !!!


Peas (Matar) & Baby Potatoes Rice.




1 cup Basmati rice

1/2 cup Green peas.

10 Baby potatoes(deskinned)

1 large onion sliced.

1 tsp Jeera.

2 Tamal Patra(Bay leaves)

1 tbsp Malvani masala.

1/4 tsp Turmeric powder.

4 tbsp Vatan(See Glossary)

1 tsp Ghee.

2 cups Boiling water.

Salt to taste.

Oil for frying potatoes.


Wash and soak rice for half an hour in 2 to 3 cups of water.Drain and keep aside.

Heat oil in a kadhai and fry baby potatoes till golden brown,remove and keep aside.

Heat ghee in a thick bottom pan,add jeera,tamal patra and sliced onions.

Once the onions turn pinkish in colour,add malvani masala,turmeric powder and vatan,stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add rice,green peas,and salt.

Mix well,stir for 2 minutes.Add boiling hot water.Once water starts boiling add fried potatoes.Mix well.

Cover and cook till water evaporates completely.Stir once or twice in between with light hand,ensuring rice grain is not broken.

Garnish with chopped tomatoes.

Serve hot with pickle and raita

Tip:Dry fruits like cashewnuts,almonds and raisins can also be addeded to this rice to make it rich.

Happy Cooking !!!


Onion Dosa



This is an easy to make,less time consuming dosa.


2 chopped Onions.

1 cup Rice

1 cup Toovar dal

1/2 cup Coconut grated.

4 Red chillies(dried)

1/2 tsp Tamarind pulp.

2 pinch Asafoetida.

1 tbsp Oil.

Oil for smearing.

Salt to taste.

1/2 tsp Fruit Salt(Eno)


Wash and soak dal and rice together in water for 1 hour,drain and keep aside.

In a pan heat oil,add onions and cook till they turn brown20130227_200002 

Keep aside to cool.

In a mixie jar mix together dal,rice,coconut,tamarind,red chillies and asafoetida.

Make a smooth paste adding water as required.20130227_200904

Consistency should be like dosa batter.Add eno fruit salt and mix well.

Make small dosas out of this batter(thick dosas like oothapam).

On a normal size griddle 3 to 4 can be made at a time.20130227_201504

Smear oil and turn over to cook the other side.




Remove and serve hot with Ginger chutney.

Tip:Grated paneer,carrots or cabbage can also be used in this recipe instead of onions.

Happy Cooking !!!