Ukdichi Tandalachi Bhakri



1 1/2 cup rice flour ,
3/4 cup water,
1/2 tsp salt,


Bring water to boil. Add salt and rice flour, mix well until no lumps remain. Turn the heat off.

This dough is called ‘ukad’ in Marathi.

Knead the ukad while still hot until it gathers into a soft pliable dough like a chapati dough.


Heat a griddle on medium first. Once heated, turn the heat to low.

Divide the ukad into 2 inch balls and keep them covered under a damp cloth .

Start rolling out the bhakris immediately.

Spread some rice flour on the rolling board. Place a ball in the center and sprinkle more flour on top. Keep rolling the ball with the rolling pin into a thin circular disc of even thickness.


Lift it gently with both the hands and transfer onto the heated griddle with the top surface up.

Immediately spread 2 tsp water all around the top. As the water evaporates (in about 10 seconds or so), flip it over.


In another 10 secs, remove it from the griddle with a tong in one hand and a turner in the other and hold it over the high flame in such a way that the watered surface goes directly onto the flame.

Bhakri should puff up nicely. Turn over and roast the other side too. Finish roasting both the sides until you see black spots on them.


Top bhakri with homemade butter or ghee.

Serve with gravy of your choice.

Happy Cooking !!!


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