Cheesy pull apart Bread

I had seen picures of this dish on some cooking site,long time back,since then was waiting to try my hand on it…it’s a market bought loaf made cheesy using loads of cheese…I have used Garlic loaf here,you can use any loaf, wheat,multi grain…any loaf of your choice.Use of mozarella cheese is best to get the pull in the bread.This Cheese bread can be served on its own ,also goes very well with soups and pastas.

Ingredients :

1 Loaf Bread.

2 tbsp Butter Melted.

2 tbsp Garlic powder.

1/2 cup grated Mozarella Cheese.

1 tsp Oregano dried.

1tbsp Fresh Parsley finely chopped.


Mix garlic powder,Oregano and melted butter together.keep it aside.

Grate cheese and keep it aside.

Using sharp knife make criscross insersions in the loaf.

In each insersion,apply butter infused with garlic and Oregano.

Stuff grated cheese in each and every incersion.Sprinkle chopped parsley on top.

Press the loaf together.Wrap it tightly.

Preheat oven and bake the loaf at 180°C for 10 mins.

Remove and let cool for 5 mins.

Open the foil.

You have bread with cheese oozing out of it.

Serve immediately.

Happy Cooking! ! !


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