Matki Bhel

Are you craving for some roadside Chatpati Chaat/ Bhel? So here is an extremely delicious,mouth-watering and healthy Sprouts Chaat.

This is the most commonly sold item in Pune.Almost every street has its own friendly bhelwala with his inimitable blends of chutneys and masalas. 

Main ingredient in this dish is sprouted Moth Beans, known as Matki in Maharashtrian cuisine.

Hence the name Matki Bhel.


1 cup sprouted Matki.(Moth Beans)

2 cups Kurmura

1/4 cup Nylon Sev

1/2 cup mixed Farsan.

10  Papadis crushed.

1/2 cup chopped Onions

1/2 cup boiled & chopped Potatoes.

1 tbsp finely chopped raw Mango (optional)

2 tsp fresh Mint chutney

4 tbsp Khajur Imli ki chutney

1 tsp Black Salt

1/2 tbsp Lemon juice.

chopped Corriander leaves.


Steam or boil the sprouts with very less amount of water and salt for 10 minutes,drain and keep aside.

In a large bowl,combine all the other ingredients and matki sprouts,toss gently till all the ingredients are well mixed.

Divide into 4 equal portions and garnish each portion with the Sev,chopped corriander leaves and papdi.

Serve immediately.

Tips-Nylon sev is a very thin variety of deep fried besan sev used as a topping for chaats. It is readily available at most provision stores.

Happy Cooking!!!


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