Cold Pasta Salad.

Since childhood, I have a weird habit of enacting to be a part of cookery show while cooking 😀
Today I got a chance to do that in reality, my darling friend Mrs Shilpa Dhage approached me to do a small recipe video for her Youtube Channel…amazing experience it was.

Few days back we friends had planned a pot luck I was assigned the task of making salad so i had made this super delicious cold pasta salad,was loved by everyone… we recreated it for her channel today.

This salad is easy to make with whatever vegetables or fruits u have at home.

Here I have used fusilli,can be made with any type of pasta,penne or even macaroni.

Instead of orange,tomato or cherry tomatoes can also be used.

I have added boiled egg as protein,instead shredded boiled chicken or cooked prawns can also be used,vegetarians can use tofu or paneer.

Can be given in tiffin to kids they will love it, also can be made in no gas cooking competitions in school.

So here goes the recipe,do try it to beat this scorching heat…


1 cup each Cucumber,Lettuce,Red and Yellow Bell Pepper, Capsicum.

1 cup Broccoli (steamed)

1 cup each grated Carrot and Beetroot.

1 cup Boiled Sweet Corn and Green Peas.

1 cup Orange Wedges,cut into pieces.

1 cup Pomegranate  pearls.

8 Lettuce Leaves.

6 Boiled Eggs ( deskinned and cut into cubes)

2 cups Pasta cooked al dente.

1 cup Mayonnaise.

Salt to taste.

Mint or Basil Leaves for garnishing.

For  Dressing:

2 tbsp Olive Oil.

1 tbsp Honey.

Juice of 1 Lemon.

1 tsp Black Pepper.


Prepare all the fruits and vegetables and put it in fridge to cool.

Mix all the ingredients for dressing together and keep aside.

Line a big bowl with lettuce leaves.

Start spreading one ingredient at a time on it starting with beetroot, carrot,corn and green peas,bell peppers, Capsicum, Lettuce, orange Wedges,pasta and boiled eggs.

Sprinkle salt and add the prepared dressing,spread mayonnaise on top,sprinkle Pomegranate pearls and mint leaves.

Cover with cling film put in refrigerator to cool for half an hour.


Tip:The salad gets it’s creamy texture and taste from mayonnaise,but if u want to skip it,you can use hung curd instead.

Fried bread croutons can also be added for extra crunch.

Happy Cooking!!!


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