Home-made Chocolates.


There are perhaps very few people who do not enjoy munching on a bar of chocolate Somtime or other.

Doesn’t esting chocolate lift your mood and spread a feeling of well being?

And whats better than a home made chocolate…

There are basic three types of chocolates,dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate….you can make chocolates at home with aby type of chocolate with using different types of flavourings and fillings…

Today we are making basic chocolates.

So let’s begin….


1 Bar Chocolate Compound.

Chocolate Moulds of different shapes and sizes.

Glittery wrapping papers.


Lay chocolate mould on falt surface

Finley chop chocolate,place it in microwave safe bowl and melt on maximum for 1 min.

Remove and whisk it well,let it stand for 5 mins.

Pour the melted chocolate in pipping bag,close the top portion of bag with rubber band,cut tip.

Fill each mould until chocolate is in level with the top of each opening.

Gently tap the mould on the counter.Place the chocolate moulds in fridge for 10 minutes.

Remove from fridge and check to see if chocolates are completely set,once it is set turn the mould upside down  and tap lightly till the chocolates comes out of mould.

Cover in wrapper and store.

Tip:Avoid contact of water with chocolate or else it will turn into  a solid rock.

Happy Cooking!!!


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