Methi chi Bhaji (Fenugreek Leaves Vegetables )


Green leafy vegetables are very nutritious.Methi leaves are used to make the parathas, muthias,and other various dishes….Today I am posting a very simple recipe of methi,which goes well with chapati or bhakri,but I enjoy it with steamed rice….yum !

Here goes the recipe……potatoes or soaked yellow mung dal can also be added to this dish.

Ingredients : 

1 bunch Methi leaves.

2 Green chilies chopped into 4 peices.

1 big Onion chopped.

2 tbsp Grated Coconut.

1 tbsp Oil.

1/8 tsp Asafoetida.

1/8 Turmeric Powder.

1/4 tsp Sugar.

Salt to taste.

Method : 

Pluck methi leaves from stem,clean well in water and drain.

Chop methi leaves finely.

In a pan heat oil,add asafoetida,chopped onions and green chillies.saute for a minute,add chopped methi leaves,salt and turmeric powder,mix well.cover and cook for 4 to 5 minutes.Don’t at all add water as methi will leave its own water.

Add grated coconut and sugar,mix well.

Remove in serving bowl and serve with chapati or bhakri.

Happy Cooking! ! ! 


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