Egg Masala

This is one of the easiest receipe.I am a big fan of Maggi bhuna masala.Its a blessing for working woman like me.I will be posting many receipes using this masala , no cutting/chopping required…


6 Eggs (boiled,shelled,cooled and cut into two lengthwise)

1 packet maggi bhuna masala(for gravy dishes-with ginger-garlic)

1 packet maggi coconut milk powder or 1 cup fresh cocomut milk.

2 tsp Malvani masala(will post the receipe in masala categorie soon)

1/2 tsp turmeric powder.

2 tbsp vatan.(Check glossary)

salt to taste.

Few leaves of corriander finely chopped for garnishing.


Heat a kadhai on medium flame.

Empty entire packet of maggi bhuna masala.

Add malvani masala and turmeric powder.

Roast for a minute,add vatan and half cup water.

Let it boil for a minute or two.

Add maggi coconut milk powder mixed in one cup of water.Add salt as per requirement.

Let it boil for a minute.Add eggs.Cover and cook for 2 minutes.Garnish with chip corriander leaves.

Serve hot with your choice of Paratha,roti ,bhakri or rice.

Tip-Malvani masala is easily available in many shops,I usually buy it from Malvani jatra(fair) which is held in Goregaon-Best colony ground twice a year.

Vatan is used in most of the malvani gravy dishes,its a paste made out of rasted onions and coconut.

Happy Cooking !!!


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